The future is our power

My name is Ali Rizai, I am 28 years old. I came to Sweden from Afghanistan as an unaccompanied minor in 2011, and I felt from the very beginning that unaccompanied minors should be able to play an active role in – and contribute to – the society. I got involved in an association (Salsal) which is active in the areas of culture and literature, social inclusion, integration and sport. Later I became its chair and after the election of 2022, I was elected by the Social Democratic party as a member of the cultural committee in the Uppsala municipality.

What is important to me is to preserve and strengthen democracy, freedom of expression, gender equality and social inclusion as a mutual process in European countries. These human values must be preserved so that we can live a good and fruitful life together in an open, free and democratic society. My commitment to is a new step in this direction, and it gives me an opportunity to work in a larger environment. Through, there is an opportunity to create a large network, based on which we can take responsible steps in the European policies that form our future and contribute to a better Europe.