Joining a place of like-minded people

Sabīne, political science student. My journey with the community began even before it was created, when it was known as the campaign. I got involved in it as a pupil at the Riga secondary school No 25, one of the European Parliament’s Ambassador Schools.

In my view, provided an opportunity for activists in Latvia and elsewhere in Europe to get involved in the preparation processes prior to the European Parliament elections and to express an opinion as a part of something bigger. Shortly before the elections I took part in a European Youth seminar in Brussels on disinformation and the European election campaign, where together with young people from other European countries we presented our ideas to representatives of the European Parliament. The idea of continuing with after the elections as a Europe-wide platform was also raised. The main aim was to bring together people with similar ways of thinking and to participate in events in other Member States too. Shortly afterwards I received an email inviting me to join a European community, which immediately made me feel that my work and the work of other young people at the seminar had been recognized!

Whereas previously one might have asked who needs such events or seminars, now there is a quick and clear answer – the community needs them. And behind this answer stand people who are ready to defend and justify this need. Despite the restrictions created by the pandemic, I have participated in various events in the European Parliament Ambassador School alumni programme, both in person and online, and I can say that these events are both educational and motivational. However, in my view the most important thing is the growing community platform, or Facebook group, which includes all those who have an interest in Europe, and who wish to be involved in it and to shape it.